Learning From the Masters

What is Learning from the Masters?

For this series, I have researched famous authors and their writing process. I tried to figure out about their writing quirks, routines, and advice for other writers. I read and studied their books in order to bring you the most information I can about their writing.

Use this information to help guide your own creative writing, shape your reading experiences, or help you teach writing in the classroom.

The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, things can only get better.

Stephen King

Alphabet of Authors

Find the author you are looking for by searching their last name. If you don’t see an author and you are curious about their writing process, let me know on the contact page and I can add them to the series!


Stephen King

With over 90 books published, and 80 movies made, Stephen King has certainly made a name for himself. But what I find most interesting about the works I’ve read, is his perspective on writing and his ability to write deeply.

Dean Koontz

In my opinion, Dean Koontz is one of the most under talked about and prolific writers of our time. He has published over 105 books throughout a variety of genres and continues to write at the age of 74 [2020], claiming he will die at his keyboard…


J.K. Rowling

As she sat on a train headed to King’s Cross Station, an idea came into her mind that would end up shaping readers and writers for generations to come. But nothing about the Harry Potter world came easy.

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