We all desire the chance to read about our favorite authors. So I am pleased to bring exclusive interviews straight to you! I have had the lovely chance to interact with all of the authors below and ask them about their latest books, their writing process, and their tips for other writers.

Below, you can find my most recent interview! After those is a list of ALL the interviews I have enjoyed and will share with you.

Interview with E.G. Scott

E.G. Scott is actually two authors, Elizabeth and Greg, who have been writing together for many years and who have been friends for even longer. I had the pleasure of sitting down to meet with them and learn about their latest book, In Case of Emergency, as well as their writing process. I reviewed this…

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Meet J.L. Cole

In this interview, we discussed her debut Romance novel, Silver Heights, and how her own experiences helped shape these characters.

Check out the review for it here!

Meet Charly Cox

In this interview, we discussed Charly Cox’s second detective novel The Toybox. Learn what quirky (and awesome) thing Charly does to help her write.

Check out the review for it here!


Meet Caleb Posten

In this interview, we discussed Caleb’s debut novel, The Mouth of the Mine and how growing up in the outdoors helped inspire this book.

Read the review for it here!


Meet E.G. Scott

Otherwise known as Elizabeth and Greg, we discussed their latest release, In Case of Emergency, and how they manage writing one book as a writing duo. Read the interview.

Check out the review for this book here!

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