There has always been a part of me that was drawn to writing. I used to write stories as a kid and now I get to write as often as I want, whether it is full length novels, short stories, or posts for my blog.

Whether you write for yourself, for an audience, or want to learn more about the writing process, there is something here for you!

One of the favorite things about my job is that I have the opportunity to talk to authors and learn about their writing processes. Be sure to check out the Author Interviews and follow the blog so that you don’t miss new interviews that are coming up!

You can also check out the Learn From the Masters series to learn more about your favorite authors and their writing lives.

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Posts about Writing

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Having My Writing Critiqued

In this post, I reflect on what it is like to have people I trust read my writing and what I have learned from this process. Although it is hard to share something so personal, we really can learn so much from how our readers view our stories.

Writing Every Day in the Month of May 2020

In this article, I reflect on what worked and what didn’t when I tried to write every day in the month of May! See what may or may not work for you and your own writing.

Banish the HOW TO articles and establish YOUR writing routine.

In this post, I talk about the damages “how to” articles can have to your creativity. I bring up the importance of trying things until you find what is right for you and things you could try if you are stuck.

My Favorite Books about Writing

In this post, I talk about the books I have read that have transformed my writing practice. They come with exercises, tricks, and things to think about while growing as a writer.

Finishing My First Novel

In this post, I reflect on my experience writing my first novel. I talk about the method of handwriting, the struggles I encountered, and the triumphs I celebrated (like the first 100 handwritten pages!).

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