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Tiered Essays – Giving students choice and challenge in the writing process.

I was sitting at my desk, thinking about the upcoming essay and feeling very uninspired by the prompts I was considering giving my kids. I wanted to give them more freedom and creativity that still allowed them to focus on a few key skills.… Continue Reading “Tiered Essays – Giving students choice and challenge in the writing process.”

The Fear of Writing

The fear of writing exists. Even now as I am writing this blog post, I can feel a hint of the fear arising. This is a pretty personal subject for me, because it is hard to admit. But there is a fear that holds… Continue Reading “The Fear of Writing”

Interview with E.G. Scott

E.G. Scott is actually two authors, Elizabeth and Greg, who have been writing together for many years and who have been friends for even longer. I had the pleasure of sitting down to meet with them and learn about their latest book, In Case… Continue Reading “Interview with E.G. Scott”

Comic Con @ Home – 2020!

Because of all the craziness that belongs to 2020 (I’m looking at you coronavirus) Comic Con got moved online. I know this takes away a lot of the appeal of comic con because people aren’t dressing up and meeting the people they admire. But… Continue Reading “Comic Con @ Home – 2020!”

Having my writing critiqued.

About a month ago, I finished writing the first draft of my second novel. After that I wrote a short story. Then, I went into editing mode on the first draft which has turned into a major rewrite with brand new scenes that required… Continue Reading “Having my writing critiqued.”