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Interview with E.G. Scott

E.G. Scott is actually two authors, Elizabeth and Greg, who have been writing together for many years and who have been friends for even longer. I had the pleasure of sitting down to meet with them and learn about their latest book, In Case… Continue Reading “Interview with E.G. Scott”

Having my writing critiqued.

About a month ago, I finished writing the first draft of my second novel. After that I wrote a short story. Then, I went into editing mode on the first draft which has turned into a major rewrite with brand new scenes that required… Continue Reading “Having my writing critiqued.”

Interview with J.L. Cole

J.L. Cole’s debut novel, Silver Heights, is going to be hitting the shelves on August 13 thanks to Black Rose Writing! I was lucky enough to have a chance to sit down with Jenna last week and talk about her life and her writing.… Continue Reading “Interview with J.L. Cole”

Learning from the Masters ~ Dean Koontz

In my opinion, Dean Koontz is one of the most under talked about and prolific writers of our time. He has published over 105 books throughout a variety of genres and continues to write at the age of 74, claiming he will die at… Continue Reading “Learning from the Masters ~ Dean Koontz”

I tried to write every day in the month of May… here is how it went.

Back in April, I decided that it was time to stop procrastinating the writing of my current novel in progress. So I decided that I would try to write every day in the month of May. Catchy right? Not only did I want to… Continue Reading “I tried to write every day in the month of May… here is how it went.”