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A Wizard of Earthsea ~ Ursula LeGuin

A Wizard of Earthsea is the first book in what started out as the Earthsea trilogy and has since been expanded to include six books. It was published in 1968 and is considered to be one of the best high fantasy books… ever. I… Continue Reading “A Wizard of Earthsea ~ Ursula LeGuin”

PD Review: Teach Like a PIRATE by Dave Burgess

“Increase student engagement, boost your creativity, and transform your life as an Educator.” Published: 2012 Pages: 176 Review: I met this book with a lot of skepticism, as I do most things that tout that they can boost my creativity and transform my life.… Continue Reading “PD Review: Teach Like a PIRATE by Dave Burgess”

The Bronzed Beasts ~ Roshani Chokshi

If you finished The Silvered Serpents you were undoubtedly frustrated at the ending and craving more answers! The third and final chapter of the Gilded Wolves trilogy The Bronzed Beasts ties together loose ends and finally brings about a sense of peace. I promise,… Continue Reading “The Bronzed Beasts ~ Roshani Chokshi”

The Silvered Serpents ~ Roshani Chokshi

After engaging with the world of hidden treasure, forging, and mystery, Chokshi leads us further in with The Silvered Serpents, the second book in the Gilded Wolves trilogy. I’ll warn you now, a few spoilers for book one will be spread throughout this review!… Continue Reading “The Silvered Serpents ~ Roshani Chokshi”

10 Books for 2022: A Personal Reading Challenge

In years past, I have set reading goals: read 25 books, read 40 books, read all the books on my shelf before I buy more. Some years I crushed these goals, and others I couldn’t quite make it. I have also set monthly “To… Continue Reading “10 Books for 2022: A Personal Reading Challenge”