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10 Books for 2022: A Personal Reading Challenge

In years past, I have set reading goals: read 25 books, read 40 books, read all the books on my shelf before I buy more. Some years I crushed these goals, and others I couldn’t quite make it. I have also set monthly “To… Continue Reading “10 Books for 2022: A Personal Reading Challenge”

4 Romantic Books to get you through February

This month is always filled with red and pink hearts. For some it is a great reminder to love those around you, while for others it can feel very lonely. Whatever your mood is this month, I picked out four books with very different… Continue Reading “4 Romantic Books to get you through February”

2020 Update: Time is running out…

As the year has gone on I have realized how bad I am at following through with a “to be read” list. So bad, in fact, that I have tried to just quit these lists altogether… but old habits die hard and I made… Continue Reading “2020 Update: Time is running out…”

For the Love of Classics

Do you enjoy reading classics? Which ones did you love? Hate? I found my love for classics in high school. Part of that love might have stemmed from the idea that I appeared intelligent if I had read the classics but there was always… Continue Reading “For the Love of Classics”

The Algonquin Reader: Spring 2020

Special thanks to Algonquin Books and NetGalley for the free copy of The Algonquin Reader. This book is such a cool way to endorse and showcase some up and coming novels! Algonquin Books put together this mini-anthology that features 7 authors with original essays… Continue Reading “The Algonquin Reader: Spring 2020”