Reading is a hobby and passion of mine that I have carried throughout life. It has grown and changed as I have and now has become one of the most important things in my life.

Reading allows me to travel between worlds, experience cultures, and live through different experiences and realities. It calms me, amps me up, and occasionally makes me shed a tear.

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What’s the Latest?

My Spring 2020 Reading Favorites

In this post, I share some of my favorite books of the Spring (and part of Winter) from this year’s reading.

In the Past

Annotating while reading… yay or nay?

In this post, I talk about ways that I have annotated books, ways other readers annotate books, and potential benefits to doing so!

Book Series to Finish

This year I hope to tackle a number of unfinished series. Click the image to see which ones they are. Somehow, I have read lots of first books but never finished the series.

My experience as a Judge for a novel writing competition

I read 25 novels in 10 days for a writing competition. It was quite an experience and I learned a lot from it.

What to read when you are in a slump

Reading slumps can be soul sucking… but there are ways to get out of it! Help yourself by seeing what might work for you.

Love of reading or the love of books?

I often wonder if we hoard books because of the appeal of being a “reader” or if we actually love the act of reading. I know people on both side. What do you think?

How I find time to read every day

Reading every day is something a lot of people struggle with and strive for! I pointed out a few things that have helped me establish reading as a daily activity.

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