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Beat the Burnout! 5 Things To Do for a Reset

Teacher burnout is something that every teacher has heard about and most of us have experienced. We get worn down, exhausted, and frustrated. Our to-do lists never seem to improve and our motivation dwindles every minute.  Feeling burnt out sucks! I have felt it… Continue Reading “Beat the Burnout! 5 Things To Do for a Reset”

Email Etiquette! 3 Things to Remember While PLanning

One of the most important things we can do in this technological age is review Email Etiquette with our students. Even if the students have practiced Email Etiquette before, reviewing this material helps reinforce good habits and gives them opportunities to practice good communication.… Continue Reading “Email Etiquette! 3 Things to Remember While PLanning”

Setting up a Functional Classroom Space

Setting up a classroom is difficult. It is easy to get sucked into Pinterest and spending lots of money to make it look picture ready. But sometimes, those picture worthy classrooms aren’t actually functional. When working with students, a functional space is the key… Continue Reading “Setting up a Functional Classroom Space”

5+ Activities for the First Week of School

The first week of school is fast approaching! I know that this week can be stressful as you try to learn your students’ names and establish procedures without droning on for an entire week. Learning names and establishing procedures are super important, but you… Continue Reading “5+ Activities for the First Week of School”

The Most Important Thing to do This School Year

The new school year is fast approaching. That means teachers are flocking to Target for last minute supplies, some are sleeping in to stock up on rest, some are already planning units and materials for the year, and others are stressed about what they… Continue Reading “The Most Important Thing to do This School Year”