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4 Romantic Books to get you through February

This month is always filled with red and pink hearts. For some it is a great reminder to love those around you, while for others it can feel very lonely. Whatever your mood is this month, I picked out four books with very different… Continue Reading “4 Romantic Books to get you through February”

What 2020 taught me about reading.

2020 was a difficult year for a lot of people. From Coronavirus and quarantines, to economic downturns and lots of people losing their jobs, people have had to fight to keep a sense of stability in their lives. But not every moment of the… Continue Reading “What 2020 taught me about reading.”

10 Wonderful Winter Reads

The start of December always brings my love of winter to the surface. I love decorating for Christmas, the snowflakes, the two feet of snow that used to pile up outside my home, the cold, the sweaters and scarves, the twinkling lights… and of… Continue Reading “10 Wonderful Winter Reads”

Book Buying Ban – Positive or Pointless?

I’m sure that I am not alone in saying quarantine was really difficult to get used to. I was sent home from work and I knew that I would be staying there for quite a while. That being said, my bank account saw a… Continue Reading “Book Buying Ban – Positive or Pointless?”

2020 Update: Time is running out…

As the year has gone on I have realized how bad I am at following through with a “to be read” list. So bad, in fact, that I have tried to just quit these lists altogether… but old habits die hard and I made… Continue Reading “2020 Update: Time is running out…”