About Amanda

Hello bookish friends! I am excited to welcome you to my new blog -> The Literary Archives. I have loved the power of words for as long as I can remember and know how much they mean to others as well.

As a young girl, some of my earliest memories take place on my bedroom floor with my parents, reading. This was so monumental to my development as a reader and I know how lucky I am to have had these experiences. The elementary school library was one of my favorite places to be growing up and I would run my finger along the shelves, much like I do now at book stores and public libraries. In middle school and high school I started to read less and less for pleasure but more for school and analysis! Although I enjoy analyzing literature, I also love just reading for reading.

My writing experiences have been personal up until this point but soon I will have the privilege to share it with you, my readers. Writing short stories and novels is a lot of fun for me and I hope to publish a book in 2020! (If not, the following year…)

Currently, I am an English teacher at a high school in San Antonio, Texas. I am originally from Wyoming and a part of me will remain in those mountains until the day that I move back. But, being an English teacher has taught me more about how important reading really is and has only brought more pleasure to my personal life.

I am embarking on this journey with my heart full of unread and unwritten words. I will share them with you weekly! If you ever think of something you would like to read, please feel free to share.

Me on a train in England – 2018