Mindset Monday – One Word for 2023

January 2, 2023

Every year we bombard our minds with new resolutions, lists of things to accomplish, and innumerable things we commit to and then fail to follow through with. Trust me, I do it too! I have so many dreams propelling me into January every new year, and then I get exhausted and some of them fall to the way side.

But there is something that underlies all the goals that I set and all the things I want to accomplish. Each of these aspirations can boil down to one word (or two).

My word for the year: Fearless.

This week (and the rest of the year), I want you to think of what your guiding word is. Write it on a sticky note, in your journal, at the top of your planner. Put it somewhere you can find it and remind yourself of it every day. This word should be the foundation of all your goals and aspirations and requires no explanation to anybody but yourself.

As you head back to work and begin your week, think about your word of the year and start embracing it every chance you get. It takes time, practice, and commitment. But it just might help you reach those goals.

Have a great 2023. I can’t wait to see where it takes us all.

Let me know your word of the year in the comments below! Or join the discussion on Instagram.

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