Mindset Monday – Hydration

September 26, 2022

Your physical health is a direct link to your mental health. As a teacher, it is easy to get caught up in lecturing, talking with students, running here and there and every where — all the while neglecting that water bottle.

This week, set your intentions on staying hydrated! The National Academy of Health recommends anywhere from 70 to 100 oz of water every day. For me, that is at least three Nalgene’s (32 oz is 1 quart). But I always feel better when I fit a fourth one into my day.

Why water?

Dehydration, even by 2% (according to Harvard’s School of Public Health) can cause fatigue, short term memory loss, confusion, and mood changes like irritability and depression.

Make an effort to say hydrated all week and see if it helps to improve your mood, health, and day to day functioning!

Happy Monday,


Have hydration tips? Leave them in the comments!

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