4 Romantic Books to get you through February

This month is always filled with red and pink hearts. For some it is a great reminder to love those around you, while for others it can feel very lonely.

Whatever your mood is this month, I picked out four books with very different love stories. Some are liken to romcoms, others are heartfelt and painful. Hopefully these books will make your heart beat flutter like they did mine. Plus: four books and four weeks… coincidence?

1. The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

Let me just preface this by saying this book tore at my heartstrings. I was so emotional and in love with all the characters. I am a big fan of Kristin Hannah’s writing and always feel like she does such a great job of capturing humanity in her writing.

The Great Alone is about a family that moves to the bush of Alaska. While they are trying to rebuild their lives in their new home, challenges continue to pop up that complicate the situation for everyone. This book is a tragic, yet enduring, tale about loss, grief, family, anger, and most importantly love.

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2. The Tourist Attraction by Sarah Morgenthaler

This is such a fun book filled with laughter and love. The Tourist Attraction is the book to pick up if you need some gentle reading and light romance. It felt more like a romcom and was such a pleasure to read.

The Tourist Attraction is about a woman who travels to Moose Springs, Alaska for her dream vacation. She meets the grumpy restaurant owner Graham. Although they continue to try and stay away from each other, desire to be in the other’s company continues to pull them back. This book is a beautiful story of love, heartache, and taking a chance on something you want.

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3. Silver Heights by J.L. Cole

I read Silver Heights during the summer of last year and loved J.L. Coles writing style. This book is a down to earth romance set on a family ranch. There is nothing romcom about this book — just a true, honest, hard working view of a marriage.

Silver Heights is about a rancher, Ethan, and his new young wife, Reyna, as they start their life together. Reyna has a hard time adjusting to the life style of a rancher. Anger builds, friendships break, and jealousies arise. She is lost and struggling to find out how to fit in to the world around her. Slowly, and painfully, she builds herself a home she loves.

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4. The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver

Here we go with another tear jerker. When this book came out in 2020 it was receiving very mixed reviews. Some people loved it and some people did not. I personally enjoyed this book! Josie Silver took a tragic story and was able to weave beauty and fresh beginnings into it.

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird is a book about Lydia Bird, who tragically loses her fiancee on her birthday. As she struggles to move forward with her life, she sees him in her dreams as he used to be. Her sleeping world is the life that could have been and she feels happiness building in her chest as she continues to go back to that world, forsaking her waking life. The situation becomes more and more complicated, causing Lydia to make a choice between her sleeping life, where she is still with her dead fiancee, or her waking life where she has a chance to be happy again.

Read my full review!

I hope you have a great February full of reading and love.

Happy reading!

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