Book Buying Ban – Positive or Pointless?

I’m sure that I am not alone in saying quarantine was really difficult to get used to. I was sent home from work and I knew that I would be staying there for quite a while. That being said, my bank account saw a rapid influx of book spending!

Budget be damned!

So at the end of March, I put myself on a book buying ban. I know I have done this before and didn’t really think it would last long. Oh, how I was wrong. I actually started reading the books that I owned and realized how many books I own that I know I will never read!

The book buying ban was such a great decision. I learned how much I was under utilizing the library and my kindle. I also learned that I was buying books I had no real enthusiasm for just so I could have more books on my shelf.

My goal was to make the book buying ban last until the end of the year… but last month I ended up buying three books from Book of the Month, won two giveaways, and bought a couple books that I needed for teaching. After months of not buying books it felt like I had just spent so much money!

It made me wonder if it was worth it to buy these books and break my ban. In the end, I decided it was okay. I had found books that I was actually excited to read and was able to see how many books I have read on my shelf already this year.

If you don’t stick to it, and it becomes something you just say you will do, the book buying ban is pointless. When you make an effort to read what you own and stick to it, the ban can be a very positive addition to your reading life.

Don’t think of it as something you can’t do, but as a challenge for something you can!

I am back on the buying ban until I have read some more books on my shelf and the holiday season is over. Plus, I have tons of new pages to read and stories to dive into.

My recent purchase from Book of the Month!

Happy reading!

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