Welcome to the Spooky Short Story Countdown!

October 2020

I love the month of October and all the spooky stories and creepy vibes that come with it!

For the entire month of October, I am going to be sharing my favorite spooky short stories and scary novels. I will explore everything from the works of Stephen King to Lovecraft to Stoker, classics and currents.

Some novels I am going to read and share

Short story collections I’ll share from —

I hope you will join me this month and read some of your own spooky short stories! I’ll also be hosting a giveaway this month where you can get some sweet halloween inspired goodies of your own. πŸ™‚

What spooky stories do you like to read? Let me know what to add to my list this month!

What are you reading this month??

Happy spooky reading! πŸŽƒ

End of Month Update

Although I didn’t quite do all the reading I had set out to do, I have had a great month filled with new (to me) authors, spooky stories, and lots of fun. I always enjoy reading short stories and especially spooky ones leading up to Halloween!

Thanks for following along with me this month and checking out the stories with me. I am excited to see what else fall has in store for my reading life.

Stay tuned and have a great Halloween!!

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