The Color of Magic ~ Terry Pratchett

Today I am excited to bring you a guest review from Caleb Posten! He recently read The Color of Magic and I am excited to share what he has to say about it with you!

Review: The first book in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Series, The Color of Magic, leaves the reader thirsting for more. And luckily for the reader, there are forty more that follow. Pratchett’s satirical fantasy is light, funny, and occasionally irreverent, filled with puns and word play.

The reader follows Rincewind, a grumbling, lazy wizard, and Twoflower, a rich tourist to Rincewind’s land, as they journey across the disc.

Twoflower, full of life and adventure, leads Rincewind in and out of dangerous situations as they evade gods, monsters, and death himself. But their fortunate escapes are not only attributed to dumb luck and Twoflower’s positive attitude, but also to Twoflower’s faithful luggage, made of magical wood that makes it steadfastly loyal to its owner. Nothing will stop it from getting back to Twoflower as it leaves a wake of destruction behind.

The story is filled with heroes, wizards, gods, monsters, dryads, dragons, and somewhat normal folk as Pratchett marries classical aspects of fantasy (as well as some things from his own imagination) with humor – some that has to be read over and over again.

Pratchett’s genius continues on and becomes more defined in his following Discworld novels, but The Color of Magic, the beginning of it all, is the best place to start.

Have you read The Color of Magic? What did you think? I know that I will be adding it to my TBR after hearing what wonderful things Caleb had to say about this.

Thank you Caleb Posten (author of The Mouth of the Mine) for hosting a guest review on my blog today!

Happy reading.

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