Why I love my Kindle

I have had the Kindle app for a few years now and only just recently got a Kindle e-reader! I opened it up for Christmas and was so excited to get to work reading and downloading titles – new and old. I was reflecting this morning on how much I have used my Kindle since then and why my love for it has grown so much.

I have access to hundreds, thousands, of titles!

I can read everything from Galleys, to recent releases, to the classics. Having all these titles at my fingertips means that I am never without a book, or ten, to read. It offers my the opportunity to really expand my reading and try titles and genres that I might not have picked up in store.

Because of the wide selection of books, I am also experiencing new authors and books that might have easily gone unnoticed in the major bookstores. These hidden gems are a treat to read and even more fun to share with everyone else afterwards.

After the price of the kindle, books are affordable!

Not only are there several platforms that give you access to free ebooks, but it is easy to find cheap and affordable kindle editions of books. Amazon has done a great job of connecting readers with free and cheap editions of books in several ways.

Easy to read, easy to carry.

I got the Kindle Paperwhite and I love how easy it is to read on the screen. The last thing I wanted was more blue light and a bright screen keeping me up at night and giving me headaches. The new Paperwhite screen is still readable with the back light but doesn’t give me headaches or hurt my eyes (which means I can read on it for hours at a time)!

Because it is so slim and compact, I can easily store it and pack it along in my purse when I am going on trips or running errands. It has so much storage and can hold so many books at once. This is great for when I am planning longer trips or I go on a spree and download ten books at a time.

It frees up room in my house, on my bookshelf, and in my budget.

Like I just said, the kindle is sleek and easy to store so I don’t have as many piles of books laying around my house. The Kindle will never stop me from building my collection but it does allow me to spend less money on books that only partially interest me and more money on the ones that I know I want on my shelf.

I am so grateful for my Kindle, even though I swore I would never want one (haha)! I am able to read much more and in many different genres.

Do you have a Kindle? Do you want a Kindle?

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