The Space Between Worlds ~ Micaiah Johnson

Do you ever think about traveling through space? Meeting your doppelgänger? What if you could combine those two elements together? This book does just that and I absolutely loved reading it!


A special group of people are able to traverse between worlds as long as their doppelgänger on that planet is dead. That’s where Cara comes into play – she has already died on 372 worlds.

On Earth 1 she has moved from the wastelands to the big city where she works for Eldridge Institute as their off world data collector. She moves between her city apartment and where she grew up in the wastelands, struggling to find her place in either environment.

When one of her doppelgängers dies suspiciously, she becomes aware of how her role in multiverse travel is impacting those she loves, herself, and the people of power at Eldridge Institute and on every planet.

Review: This book was just what I needed for a science fiction read! It was a beautiful combination of space travel and love for those who love you.

Micaiah Johnson created a world that was complex and well laid out for the reader. It was easy to understand the multiple levels of the universe and the intricacies lent themselves to many twists and turns.

Her writing was raw and allowed for characters with deep emotions. I loved finding out about the other lives of the characters in other worlds and how they differed and were similar to the main characters.

Johnson had many unexpected twists and turns that kept me engaged and invested throughout the entire read. These upsets really balanced the book and added a mysterious intrigue.

The Space Between Worlds is a great science fiction novel that is fun to read and think about for many days after finishing. You don’t want to miss this debut on your shelves.

Have you read The Space Between Worlds yet? What did you think?

Happy reading!

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