Comic Con @ Home – 2020!

Because of all the craziness that belongs to 2020 (I’m looking at you coronavirus) Comic Con got moved online. I know this takes away a lot of the appeal of comic con because people aren’t dressing up and meeting the people they admire.

But for me, it was a chance to experience it for the first time.

I was sent the link to comic con from a friend who thought I might find some of the talks interesting, which I did! I viewed three right away, and there are others that I want to come back to (namely all the ones about teaching comics and graphic novels and some more about writing and fantasy worlds) and because it is all online, I know that I get to.

The link to the full ComicCon Schedule –> COMIC CON


The first video I tuned in for was the panel discussion with the cast from Vikings!

I am a big fan of this show and really fell hard into all the drama that ensued throughout the last six seasons. Getting to see all the actors and hear them discuss what it was like on set, only made me love the show that much more. They approached the job with such heart and passion for what they were giving to the fans, it would be impossible not to love them.

Screenshot from the video chat with the cast.


The next video I watched was about the writing of epic fantasy. This was moderated by Harper Voyager and featured five authors that were discussing their latest novels and what went into writing them. What was really fun about this, is that I had recently discovered two of the author’s books, not realizing they were part of a series, and then watched this! It was cool to see the author’s of the books I wanted to read talking about what elements they added and what they loved about their own books. I also learned about new authors and new books that I might be interested in (definitely adding Kingdom of Souls to the list).

Authors featured: Peter V. Brett (Barren), Rena Barron (Kingdom of Souls), S.A. Chakraborty (Empire of Gold [Trilogy]), R.F. Kuang (The Dragon Republic [Trilogy]), and R.A. Salvatore (Relentless).


This was such a cool panel to listen to! They talked about the best and worst advice they ever got and then gave their own tips to writers. The question they opened up with was what food should be paired with their novels and I thought this was so fun. They all had such creative and wild answers! After I read their novels, I will have to try the food to compare.

My two favorite pieces of advice came from Kevin Hearne and Alexis Henderson. When asked what they would share with other writers, this is what they said (not exact quotes, but close):

Alexis: Create a writing space, either physical or mental, and be territorial about your writing and writing time.

Kevin: How you get it done doesn’t matter, it’s getting it done that matters.

If you are interested in writing stories, this is such a great panel to listen to. They talked about what it was like writing their types of stories (ranging from comics to horror to space travel) and how their approaches helped or hindered them.

Authors featured: Kevin Hearne (The Iron Druid Chronicles), Alexis Henderson (The Year of the Witching), Micaiah Johnson (The Space Between Worlds), Sarah Kuhn (Haunted Heroine), and Josh Malerman (Bird Box, Malorie).

Screenshot from video panel with the authors.

There are so many videos that I want to watch on ComicCom@Home and while I am sad that they couldn’t host it in person, I am glad that I got to experience it at home and see what it was all about.

This event discusses topics in so many different fields that I am sure there is a little bit of everything for everyone. Thank you ComicCon for putting on the show for another year, although very different, I enjoyed it.

Have you ever been to ComicCon? Are there any videos that you might watch or did watch?

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