The Mouth of the Mine ~ Caleb Posten

Although my personal relationship to the author has put this gem of a book into my hands, it has not clouded my ability to review objectively. I promise!

I have now read this book three times through three different stages of drafts, editing, and development – finally reading through a paperback edition. The third time was my favorite read of this book. I laughed, cringed, smiled, and was shocked throughout all the scenes in this book.

Synopsis: Wayne and Anita Evans move from New York City to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where they plan to settle and raise their ten-year-old son, Alastair, in the fresh air and amicable environment. Everything is good from the start, despite the many reports of missing people in the area.

As Alastair begins exploring the new, wild country, his curiosity drives him to find out what is beyond their property fence line. After traveling too far from home, he finds himself in an unusual and enticing predicament. The lines between right and wrong are blurred by Alastair’s greed as he hides his discovery from his parents. If he isn’t careful, he might go missing next.

Review: What I love most about Caleb Posten’s writing is his ability to describe a scene and situation. I was continually excited by the descriptions that helped set the stage but left my mind open to fill in the blanks. He was able to capture the beauty and emotion of the wild places and bring that to his readers.

The Mouth of the Mine is a story about a young and fresh-to-the-mountain family. Caleb did a great job of creating each of his characters in a way that gave them unique quirks and helped establish their role in the novel. After moving from New York to Wyoming, they all go through a growing period and that is evident in the way Caleb allowed his characters room to grow.

The twists and suspenseful turns of this book are downright spooky. Even though I have read it multiple times, I still felt anxious about what was happening and wanted to yell at the characters in the book (as I am want to do) and lead them in a different direction.

Caleb Posten is also a very comical and cynical writer. There were many times throughout this story where I would giggle and laugh at something the characters said or did. Although this book is not a comedy in itself, Caleb was able to remind us readers that we are all human, a bit sarcastic, and capable of deeper emotions than what is seen on the surface.

The Mouth of the Mine is a timeless story about family, greed, and a nice reminder about remembering what, and who, is important in life.

Be sure to check out this title and let me know what you think of it below! I would love to hear your comments on this debut novel.

Happy reading.

This book will be published on August 13th, 2020 from Black Rose Writing!

But, you can buy it on Amazon now!

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