In Case of Emergency ~ E. G. Scott

I am always drawn to books with a slightly creepy premise. This one had me sucked in right away! Thank you to NetGalley and Dutton for the advanced ebook.

Fun fact! E. G. Scott is the pseudonym of two authors who write together!

Synopsis (via NetGalley): Charlotte, a midthirties Long Island woman, has felt so alone since her promising career in neuroscience imploded. But she has an online support group for trauma survivors; she has Rachel, a friend who has seen her through the worst of it; and now she also has Peter, a mysterious new boyfriend who has asked that their budding romance remain a total secret.

That is why she is too scared to report his disappearance to the authorities when he vanishes without a word.

Weeks later, police contact her to make an ID on a body and she fears the worst for her missing beau. Instead, she arrives at the morgue and feels a terrible relief when she sees a woman she has never met before on the table in front of her. But relief is replaced by confusion, then terror, when Charlotte realizes she has become a person of interest.

Why did Jane Doe have Charlotte listed as her emergency contact? Was it revenge or a warning? And where exactly does Peter factor into all this? As Charlotte becomes the prime murder suspect, she enters into a race against the clock to find truth about the dead woman and the connections they shared. But what she discovers is beyond anything she could have ever imagined.

Review: This book was really enjoyable. For starters, E. G. Scott do great work setting up the suspense and confusion from the first page. What I found really interesting about their writing style was that they wrote from first person point of view for three different characters. It took me a little bit to get the hang of what was happening but it turned out to be quite insightful as we moved through the investigation. This look into each character’s personal thoughts really helped me stay informed and in the know of the loopholes and elements of the mystery.

I loved the medical jargon that was spread throughout this book. The main character and murder suspect, Charlotte, has knowledge and background in both western and eastern types of medicine. The way the authors were able to bring those two together and create a sense of harmony between such different opinions was really cool. They also used the medical jargon in a way that didn’t confuse me as the reader.

Charlotte is a very complex character. There were times where I thought she wasn’t very intelligent and making all the wrong moves, but after I sat back and thought about it, I think it was a purely intentional move to showcase the trauma and effects of that trauma had on her life.

In Case of Emergency is a gripping and interesting murder mystery that is sure to keep you wondering and your mind reeling from the intro until the very end (I mean it, the VERY end).

Does this sound like a crime mystery you might enjoy? Let me know in the comments below!

This book is going to be published on August 4th! Preorder it now on Amazon!

Happy reading!

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