The Lightest Object in the Universe ~ Kimi Eisele

In some places, the darkness came suddenly, an abrupt and violent nightfall. Elsewhere, it pulsed intermittently – like the wings of an injured bird – until finally landing for good.

Kimi Eisele – Pg. 1

I am delighted to be a part of a BLOG TOUR for the paperback release of The Lightest Object in the Universe from Algonquin Books!

Synopsis: (From the back cover!)

“Carson is on the east coast when the electrical grid goes down. Desperate to find Beatrix, a woman on the West Coast who holds his heart, he sets off along a cross-country railroad line, where he encounters lost souls, clever opportunists, and those seeking salvation. Meanwhile, Beatrix and her neighbors begin to construct a cooperative community, working to turn the end of the world into the possibility of a bright beginning.

Without modern means of communication, will Beatrix and Carson be able to find their way to each other? The answer may lie with one fifteen-year-old girl, whose actions could ultimately decide the fate of the lovers.”

Review: There was one moment while I was reading this book, where I contemplated if I was enjoying it or not (which pains me to admit). But I knew that I wanted to finish it and see how the story lines resolved. I am so glad that I did.

There are really three storylines (plus one that appears in all three) that move the plot forward: Beatrix, Carson, and Rosie. These characters help to build this world with no electricity and no government.

I initially did not really care for Beatrix. I thought she was too stubborn and close-minded even though she claimed to be open-minded. As the story went on, other characters drew attention to this, which forced her to think about her actions. That moment of self-reflection is what made me like her in the end.

What I really loved about this book was what Kimi Eisele brought to light about love, hope, and determination. Each of these storylines focused on how those three things would get them through any of the struggles in this apocalyptic world. Without these key elements, and working together with those around them, the lives of Beatrix, Carson, and Rosie would have ended.

The Lightest Object in the Universe is an unpredictable story of teamwork, love, and what can happen when people come together.

Thank you to Algonquin Books and Kimi Eisele for the paperback copy of this book and for inviting me to participate in this BLOG TOUR!

Check out Kimi Eisele’s website page ( and check out an essay about why she wrote this book. It was very well written and brings so much insight to the workings of her book and who she is as a person!

Readers, be sure to let me know if you have read this book or what thoughts you have. As always I would love to know your opinions as well.

You can find this title on Amazon!

Happy reading!

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