Her Husband’s Grave ~ PL Kane

Her Husband’s Grave had me guessing and wondering until the very end. What a mystery!

Synopsis: After finishing up a case, Criminal Psychologist Robyn Adams is recovering from the mental and physical trauma. After visiting the murderer, she is sitting in her car when she gets a call from her cousin Vicky, who she hasn’t visited or talked to in years.

Vicky’s husband, Simon, has been found dead on the beach and she needs Robyn’s help.

Secrets that wanted to stay buried begin to rise to the surface as Robyn digs into Simon’s case. Emotions fray, good judgment declines, and patience disappears. Not to mention, someone wants Robyn off the case.

But Robyn won’t let Vicky down, not again.

Review: To start things off, P L Kane was able to bring the drama throughout the entirety of the book. There was rarely a moment where something wasn’t happening that had me trying to figure out the answers!

Although the characters weren’t really my favorite people, mostly Robyn, her personality really lent itself to the predicaments she would find herself in. There were many times where she frustrated me but I really don’t think the story would have worked if I had liked her.

This story jumps between multiple viewpoints. We get to read from both Robyn and Vicky. What I liked about P L Kane’s writing style, was that the characters built off of each other very well, often repeating phrases or transitioning through a similar theme or motif. At first, when I didn’t know it was multiple perspectives, I found it jarring and confusing because it isn’t labeled anywhere. But after I got into the story, it began to flow much better.

The mystery and criminal investigation side was interesting to read. It was not like the usual crime reads that I find myself diving into. Her Husband’s Grave focused on the more obscure of clues and required more patience from the law enforcement as things fell into place.

Her Husband’s Grave was a mystery that tested the strength of family and loyalty and that proved just how challenging it can be to bring justice to light.

Does this sound like a book you might be interested in? Check it out on Amazon! It was published June 26, 2020 by HQ Digital!

Let me know if you have read, or plan to read, this book and what you think! I would love to hear your opinions, too.

Happy reading.

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