Little Disasters ~ Sarah Vaughan

If you are in the medical profession or enjoy medical mysteries, this is one you must dive into!

Synopsis: Jess is a stay at home mother of three and known for her patience and resourcefulness when raising children. Liz is a pediatric doctor and has been friends with Jess for ten years, meeting in parenting classes when they were both expecting their first child.

But when Jess ends up in the pediatric emergency room with her youngest baby, Liz is forced the question the woman, and mother, she knew. Secrets that have been guarded slowly surface, leaving everyone with a desire to find the truth and return to a sense of normalcy.

Review: This book was not your typical fast-paced, gory mystery. But it was definitely a mystery until the very end. I felt myself craving to know what the truth was and Sarah Vaughan did a fantastic job of keeping me engaged and vying for the answers.

What I really loved about this mystery, is that every time I thought I had the answer figured out, I would get a new clue and be pulled in a different direction. Sometimes, mysteries are almost too predictable and it can cause them to fall a tad flat.

Little Disasters is told from multiple viewpoints, going back and forth between past and present. This helped create a well-rounded story and allowed me to get a sense of who these characters are and why they act the way they do.

This book has a lot of complex developments that involve the medical industry, social services, and the police. Vaughan did a great job of incorporating these elements in a way that made sense to all readers, not just the ones who know medical jargon!

Overall, a great and compelling mystery that is packed with secrets, twists, and the ups and downs of motherhood.

Happy reading!

This book will become available from Atria Publishing and Emily Bestler Books on August 18th, 2020! Be sure to preorder it from Amazon here!

Thank you to Atria and NetGalley for the advanced reading copy of this title!

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