Miss Iceland ~ Audur Ava Olafsdottir

I will admit right now that I am in love with everything that even slightly resembles Scandinavia. So the title of this book immediately drew me in and the synopsis had me hooked. It was originally published in Fall of 2018 and is now being published in English on June 16th!

Synopsis: Iceland, 1960. Hekla, a woman named after a volcano, packs up her typewriter, manuscript, and a small suitcase and moves to Reykjavik to live with her childhood, queer friend Jón John (D.J.). Determined to make a career as a writer, she fills every non-working moment with writing. But being a woman writer in a country of male poets is a challenging world to gain recognition in. Both friends will support each other through the difficult times in order to accomplish what they have set out to do.

Review: This book was not at all what I expected it to be, nor can I really think of a book that is written in the same style. As it dealt with poets and literary characters, I felt as if the writing reflected a poem itself. It was so lyrical and pleasing to read.

The characters were interesting and complex. I liked Hekla but I enjoyed her friend Ísey the most. Both women were struggling in their own ways but found refuge in their written words and the small things in life. Although we never really delved deep into character personalities, I felt like I understood enough of each character to enjoy their story.

Miss Iceland was a relaxing read that reminded me that dreams are worth working for.

Happy reading.

Thank you NetGalley and Grove Atlantic Press for the ARC!

Find it on Amazon!

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