The Toybox ~ Charly Cox

The Toybox will be out June 3rd from Hera Books! This was a 5 star read for me and I hope it will be for you too, especially if crime thrillers interest you. This is Book 2 in the Detective Wyatt series, but was easy to read without having read book one. There was never a moment where I felt like I was missing out. (In my opinion, a sign of a good series writer!)

Synopsis: Throughout Albuquerque New Mexico, young girls between 13 and 19 are going missing. When the missing persons cases are brought to the door step of Detective Wyatt, it becomes her mission to find the girls and solve the crime before any more go missing.

These cases become dark and sinister and Detective Wyatt and her partner Cord dive deeper into the workings of illegal activities and the monsters behind these girls disappearances.

Racing the clock, and hoping not to find more bodies turning up on the streets, the detectives move quickly, working long hours, and become desperate to bring good news to the parents of the girls.

Review: I have not read a thriller that I felt so physically and emotionally connected to in quite a while. This book started with action and didn’t stop until the last page. Throughout the few days that I was reading, I found my heart racing and anxiety coursing through my body as the Detectives got closer to finding the missing girls.

This book is told from the point of view of a missing girl, Detective Wyatt, and her daughter Holly. The stories become complex and intertwined as the cases start to develop and deepen. Each of these character stories built on the other and kept me wondering what was happening and how much closer they were to coming together.

The writing was excellent and allowed me to dive even deeper into the enjoyment of the story. Charly Cox was able to create depth in the characters, incite terror, and anticipation right away and keep it to the end. I will caution readers who are sensitive to rape, abuse, and kidnapping to look for other books. This one has a lot of heart-wrenching scenes that are written well enough to cause terror.

I will be recommending this one for fans of thrillers and crime reads for a long time. Plus, since this is Book 2 of Detective Wyatt stories I know there will be more writing from Charly Cox to enjoy in the future!

Thank you NetGalley, Hera Books, and Charly Cox for the advanced reading copy!

Interested in buying this? Get it on Amazon!

Want to look into Book 1? Look for All His Pretty Girls on Amazon!

Happy reading!

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