Privateers ~ Charlie Newton

This book recently came out at the end of March! I was drawn to the premise of a treasure hunt and adventure, and Charlie Newton did not let me down.


A century after $26 million in gold goes missing, clues begin to surface regarding its possible whereabouts. Determined to find the gold, three pirate women come together and start tracking the clues. But they need the help of Chicago hockey coach and horseplayer, Bill Owens. They are brought down to the Caribbean islands and forced to search in places Bill would rather leave to his memories.

As the Caribbean islands and cities become more and more dangerous, and the loom of an incoming hurricane quickly approaches, will they be able to piece the clues together, get the gold, and get out? Or will they be trapped in a torturous and deadly maze?


This book promised adventure and it definitely delivered. Right from the get go, you are lured into the story with mischievous business and sneaky people. Bill Owens is just trying to live a good life. He coaches a hockey team for kids with downs syndrome and builds mausoleums at a cemetery. But his past catches up with him and you begin to see things unravel around him rather quickly.

After that, the action doesn’t stop until the end, leaving the reader in a whirlwind of chaos and yet peaceful at the resolution.

What I admired about this book was the ability to capture so much history and folklore into the clues of this treasure map. It was filled with riddles and twists that you just couldn’t guess as a reader. Charlie Newton had to be very organized to pull this off as well as he did. Each clue built on top of the last one and left me thinking that the characters couldn’t possibly handle anything more.

I struggled with the amount of characters in some parts. I got a little confused at who everybody was but this is not because of Charlie Newton’s writing but rather my own reading of it. He was able to make all of these characters deeply impactful to the outcome and drive of the plot, even if they only lasted for a couple of pages.

If you want an adventure, I would highly recommend picking up this book and giving it a chance. It will take you from Chicago to the Caribbean, and all over the islands, bays, and hidden gems that can be found in Central America.

Let me know what you thought of this book in the comments if you have had the chance to read it.

If you want to read it, check it out on Amazon!

Happy reading!

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