My Spring 2020 Reading Favorites

We are coming to the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Rather quickly if you live in South Texas. The last few days have been filled with lots of reflection over the last couple months and the changes that have occurred. With that, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite spring reads that I have finished this year.

After the Flood ~ Kassandra Montag

I keep coming back to this book and I just cannot believe how much I enjoyed reading it. It was definitely spooky because it is a dystopian-esque novel that follows the main characters as they navigate the seas of the world in search of a missing daughter. I was reading this at the time of the pandemic coming to light and the school being shut down but I was still enthralled by the writing.

Read my full review here!

The Institute ~ Stephen King

This book was full of suspense and psychological mind tricks. It is what I would expect from a Stephen King novel about kids with powers who are locked in an institution. What I loved (and hated) about this book was the fact that all the ideas the kids had weren’t laid out on the table for me to know. I had to wait for the plans to unfold to be kept in the loop. It was definitely a sign that I was into the story because I just wanted to know what they knew!

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The Two Lives of Lydia Bird ~ Josie Silver

This was not full of the thrilling suspense that the last two favorites had. Instead, this was a romance novel that broke my heart. Lydia’s fiancee dies in a terrible car accident on the day of her birthday. It follows her through her grieving and healing but there is a catch. In her dreams, she is living a life with a very real Freddie. As her dream life and her waking life become further apart, Lydia gets tangled in deciding which life to choose. This was a sweet story of love, friendship, and kindness.

Read my full review here!

I would argue that these were my favorite books so far this year. I have read other really good books and some that have been okay. But I cannot stop thinking about these three.

If you want to read any of these books, click the cover image and it will take you to Amazon!

Happy reading.

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