The Age of Witches ~ Louisa Morgan

The Age of Witches is going to be published April 7th, 2020 which means that you get a sneak peek at the hype!

Synopsis: Set during the Gilded Age in New York and London, The Age of Witches follows two lines of Bishop witches. One family line practices their magic for good, helping others in need and protecting those around them. The other line of witches uses power to manipulate and control those around her in order to achieve greatness.

To protect her great niece Annis Allington, Harriet Bishops travels to London where she comes toe to toe with her cousin, Frances. Both witches are powerful and have a strong desire to achieve what they traveled to London to do. But, will one power outweigh the other? Will good smother out the bad?

All magic comes with a price. The price these witches are willing to pay to achieve their goals will not only affect them, but Annis and the young man courting her. Fighting against family, love, and pride, this novel weaves the stories of all the characters involved to trap you in the magic they wield.

Review: I am always intrigued about books that contain fantastical elements: witches, wizards, talking animals, mermaids, etc. So I was definitely intrigued by this book’s description.

The book starts off in Salem, following a witch about to be put to death. Immediately, you can feel the anger she carries in her heart and Louisa Morgan did a splendid job of conveying that to the reader. Although this is the end of the story for that particular witch, she comes up and is referenced throughout the story – her anger being the root of issues down both family lines.

Throughout the whole book, Louisa Morgan was able to accomplish deep, visceral emotions that made you empathize with the characters, and I think her success came from the way in which she structured her chapters. Each chapter was written from the viewpoint of a different character, something that I know to be challenging to accomplish. Each character was the narrator of their section, with their own voice, personality, and emotions. The ability to successfully create these chapters that told viewpoints of different people filled the story in perfectly.

I really enjoyed this book. It was an easy read (in the sense that it flowed well and was enjoyable). The plot moved along at a nice pace and honestly turned out different than what I had expected, in the best of ways. I really loved how the history of the witches was weaved into the story, Latin words were used, and herbs were the basis of their witch skills.

Let me know if you have read this book, plan to read it, or if this book isn’t for you! I would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy reading!

Amazon Link: The Age of Witches

Louis Morgan has two other books about witches too! A Secret History of Witches and The Witch’s Kind.

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