Things in Jars ~ Jess Kidd

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Things in Jars is Jess Kidd’s newest novel. It was published February 4th, 2020 by Atria Publishing and chosen for Book of the Month in January as an early release!

Synopsis: Set in the 1860’s, with flashbacks to the 1840’s, Bridie Devine is requested to assist on the case of a missing child. This missing child is unlike others and Bridie has to dig deep into a world of collectors to find hints about this girl’s supernatural powers. The supernatural elements spark lots of interest among the collectors of the peculiar, but also lots of secrets.

Bridie is scouring the streets with the help of her unlikely comrades, a 7 ft. tall house maid and a tattooed ghost she can’t remember. As events unfold, she becomes haunted by people from her past, causing her to have even more ambition to save this girl from her ill fate.

Review: This book didn’t create as much of a splash as it needed to (pun intended). I was initially brought in on the description of mermaids and the element of fantasy, but this book was way better than I anticipated.

First off, Jess Kidd’s voice throughout the narrative was astounding. Her use of vocabulary and the nature of speaking between her characters was relevant to the time period. I really enjoyed the level of sophistication that she was able to bring to the story just through the words she chose to use.

The flow and plot development of the novel was perfectly paced to the writing style and story. Although one may feel like it moved too slow, or that certain parts were distracting from the overall story, it all comes together right when it needs to. The gradual release of clues and snippets, left me curious and wanting more throughout the entire book.

The fantasy elements were very well researched and complicated. It wasn’t just your pretty mermaid with her long red hair, or the siren that lured men into the ocean. Without spoiling the book, the folklore and fantastical phenomenon that twisted together were very unique and well crafted.

I really loved this book and the way that it kept me engaged. It was a 5-star read and I hope you enjoy it, too. Let me know if you have already read it!

Amazon Link: Things in Jars

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